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F.S.E.G. Nursery Policy & Procedures

1. Admission

All parents are encouraged to enquire about F.S.E.G. Nursery, to see how it is different from other nurseries, and to see to what extent it meets their requirements.

  • Children are accepted from 1 to 4 years.
  • The number of children in each class will be strictly controlled so as not to exceed the Nursery’s maximum number of children per class and the stated adult to child ratio will always be maintained.
  • All forms in the application folder, including medical forms, must be completed and on file at the Nursery before any child may be admitted.
  • Vaccinations and immunizations must be up to date. No exceptions will be made.
An application package should be requested by the parent/guardian by contacting the Nursery.
All forms in the application package should be completed and submitted to the Office Manger along with the following:

  • Original birth certificate together with a photocopy and immunization
  • 4 recent color passport photographs
  • Any court orders involving custody of children where applicable
  • Original passports together with a photocopy of each
  • Father’s passport and Residence Visa if available
  • Child’s passport and Residence Visa if available
  • Relevant registration fee as stated on the application
In case of accidents or other emergencies, parents/guardians must give the names of three persons to be contacted and their contact number(s). If these sources cannot be contacted the child will be taken to the hospital specified in the application form.
NB: The Nursery must be immediately informed of any changes of phone numbers.

2. Guardians
If the Nursery will be dealing with a child’s legal guardian rather than his/her parent, then evidence of the guardianship must be presented to the General Manager or Office Manager at time of admission.

3. Fees & Payment
All fees are to be paid in advance in Kuwaity Dinars at the beginning of each term. All contracted fees are to be paid by 2nd of every Term. There will be additional fees charged for late pick up fee (after one hour) and for retaining a child’s place in the Nursery.

The registration fee is non-refundable and to be paid only once per child when he/she first applies.

F.S.E.G. Nursery offers a 5% discount for the 2nd and 10% discount for the 3rd siblings who are registered here at the Nursery

4. Holidays

Please note that F.S.E.G. Nursery will be closed on the following days :
Eid Al Fiter        Government holidays as per Kuwait law
Eid Al Adha Government holidays as per Kuwait law
Independence/National Day            September 3 
Winter break                                      December 23rd,2009 and Jan. 2nd 2010
Esra’a and Mirag
Islamic New Year (Hijra)

The Nursery may accept to open for babysitting on the above days if prior arrangement is made and on a case by case basis depending on the demand and the availability of staff. This decision, however, will be at the General Manager’s discretion and should not be assumed and on extra charge will be considered

5. Days and Hours of Operation
The Nursery’s days and hours of operation are
Morning Session: 07:30am–01:00pm

6. Absences
Parents/guardians are required to call the Nursery’s Office Manager or Secretary to inform us of any reason their child is absent from the Nursery and approximate period of absence. If the nursery has not heard from the parents/guardians, the General Manager, Office Manager or Secretary will call parents/guardians to enquire about the child.

If the Nursery has still not heard from the parents/guardians after one week, we reserve the right to de-enroll the child and offer the place to someone else.

7. Receiving and Dismissing Children
It is essential that parents always notify a member of staff of their arrival and departure. On arrival at the Nursery parents will be expected to hand over their child to a nursery Staff who will then ensure that each child is “signed in” in the registry book by the Office Manager or the Secretary.

On departure of the Nursery parents will be expected to inform nursery Staff who will then ensure that each child is “signed out” in the attendance book by the Office Manager or the Secretary.

The Nursery will only release the child to his/her parent/guardian. If another person will be picking up the child, we must have either a phone call or a signed letter from a parent/guardian stating the date of pick up, time of pick up and the name of the person who will be picking up the child. We will then call the parent/guardian to confirm the letter and/or the phone call. This is for the child’s protection and no exceptions will be made.

Staff will wait thirty (30) minutes for parent/guardian to collect child after the end of session. If the child is not collected by then, the supervising class staff will inform the Office Manager who will contact the parent/guardian to enquire about pick-up time. All children to be picked up late will be placed in a supervised playroom where they can safely wait to be collected. If, however, the Office Manager is unable to contact parents/guardians or come to an agreement on collection of the child, the Office Manager or General Manager must inform the police to escort the child home.

There will be a late pick up fee for each hour parents/guardians are late to collect their child.

8. Enquiring About the Children
Parents should feel free to call the Nursery on 55 801 601/ 55 557 324 at any time. If no one is able to answer the phone, parents may leave a message. A staff member will return their call as soon as possible. For emergencies, parents should contact the Manager 66 807 324.

9. Parent/Guardian Involvement
Being the main nurturer and educators of their children, parents/guardians are encouraged to get involved in the Nursery’s activities. Parents are welcome to spend some time in the nursery with their child, prior to starting, to enable their child to settle in and feel comfortable with the new environment. Once the child has settled in, it is recommended that the parents/guardians keep their “goodbyes” short to spare the child any prolonged stress due to separation anxiety. Parents may set up a meeting with their child's teacher or the GM at any time to discuss any special concerns they may have.

Please note, however, that any other childcare person (e.g. maids, nannies and drivers) will not be allowed to stay in the classrooms.  If the parents/guardians insist on their presence, they may remain in the reception area and be called upon if a need arises or the child refuses to settle down.

F.S.E.G. Nursery Binder
All parents will receive a Binder in which all reports, child’s paintings & drawings, photos and other documents given by the nursery can be filed and stored. This binder can serve as a special memoir of the child’s nursery experience.

10. Clothing
Parents should dress their children with our uniform at all time

Unfortunately in the Nursery, with such young children, accidents do often happen during the day. Children spill food, craft materials, or they forget that they need to go to the bathroom. It is therefore very important that each child has a set of spare clothing, including underwear and socks at the nursery with him/her at all times. These can be left with the class teacher or teacher’s assistant. Parent should ensure that these clothes are labeled with the child’s name. Although we attempt to use only washable materials, the Nursery will accept no liability for clothing damaged while the child is at the Nursery

During winter, children may play outside and should be dressed for warmth. Children will not play outside if the weather is extremely cold or hot.

11. Required Supplies for Children
Parents must supply the following items for each child

  • Spare clothing
  • Sufficient disposable diapers and wipes for children not yet completely toilet trained
  • Pull-ups or underwear (if applicable) .
  • A small sheet, blanket and, if required, pillow that will be sent home on a weekly basis to be washed or whenever required
  • Hand towel, face cloths, wipes, tissues…etc
  • Child’s small plate, spoon, cup and if applicable, feeding bottle .
  • Sufficient baby food, milk/formula, snacks and lunch.
  • Sun screen for older children who will get the opportunity to play outside during cooler weather.
The Nursery will maintain a backup supply of essentials such as disposable diapers, wet wipes formula and baby cereal. Before they are used, the Secretary or Office Manager will call parents to question the brand to ensure that the child has no allergies to the specific product. However, if parent/guardians continuously fail to sufficiently provide essential supplies, even after the Office Manager has consulted them, it will be regarded as lack of cooperation from the parent/guardians and we will consider changing the expenses accordingly

12. Toys and Valuables
Children should not bring toys, games and valuables into school. Such items are easily lost or broken at play times, which understandably, cause distress for the children. The Nursery will not be responsible for any personal belongings being lost or damaged.

13. Labeling
To protect the belongings of each child, we request that parents write the name of their child using a permanent black marker pen on the following objects:
  • Bags, Diaper packet, wet wipes
  • Lunch boxes.
  • Clothing.
14. Meals and Snacks
Children should be provided with milk and nutritious snacks, lunch and/or dinner where applicable, by their parents.
Nannies will encourage the children to eat their food but they will not force them to eat.

Suggested snacks and meals:
     Time Meal/Snack
     8:45am - breakfast milk/formula cream cheese sandwich baby cereal peeled fruit
     11:00am - Snack milk/formula fruit juice (unsweetened) fruit fruit cake (sweetened with concentrated fruit juice) biscuits/crackers fresh plain yogurt cooked vegetables and meat (lamb/beef/chicken)

The above meals and snacks are suggestions only.

Children should NOT bring fizzy drinks, chocolate, candy bars, sweets, chips, chewing/bubble gum, fruit gums and nuts (or products containing nuts) to the nursery as they are either not considered nutritious or are highly allergenic.

Please pack each child’s food individually. It will be appropriately stored, and will not be shared with any other child

15. Suggestions, Feedback & Complaints
Co-operation and communication between the Nursery and parents/guardians is considered essential for the smooth running of the Nursery. Should any parent/guardian need to make a complaint or suggestion, they should feel free to do so to the management team at any time. All complaints and suggestions will be recorded in the Complaints and Suggestions book and will be addressed promptly and appropriately by the Management.

16. Activities & Entertainment
F.S.E.G. Nursery offers a wide range of activities by using books, videos, audio cassettes, play dough, painting and coloring materials (Arts & crafts), games, toys. These activities help children to:
  • to explore
  • to encourage creativity  stretch their imagination
  • to build their knowledge
Extra-curricular activities such as field trips, birthday parties will be encouraged and arranged. Also, each child will have an album capturing special moments which they may take home when they leave the Nursery at a set fee.

17. Birthday Celebrations
Children enjoy birthday celebrations. Parents/guardians are welcome if they wish to bring a cake or special treat for the children in class to share. However, parents/guardians are encouraged to provide healthy treats, remembering that certain foods are not allowed in the Nursery

At the Nursery we offer to arrange your children’s birthday party for the amount of 40k.d. we will provide: Cake, Drinks, Treats, Decoration

Parents of the birthday child are welcome to attend these celebrations but we prefer that parents of other children do not attend as this may disrupt to the class routine. Preferably, the Nursery should be informed Seven (7) days in advance before any birthday celebrations.

For more Information on Birthday’s party please contact: 55 806 306

18. Trips/Outings
Outings are encouraged for the older children as it enhances and enforces the children’s learning experience. All outings and applicable charges will be notified to parents at least three (3) days in advance of the outing. Consenting parents must ensure that all payments for the outing are settled and a signed letter of consent is given to the Office Manager or General Manager prior to the day of the outing. First aid equipment will be taken at all times.

Staff ratios for outings will be maintained for all outings. Emergency contact numbers of all parents will be taken along on the trip in case of lateness or any emergency and parents will be given a contact number (mobile phone number) with which they may call staff members accompanying the trip to enquire about their children. All outings are optional and parents have the right of non-consent on a trip by trip basis

For more Information on field trips please contact: 55 806 306

19. Graduation Ceremony
June of each year, the Nursery will hold a graduation ceremony for all the children in Group 4, regardless of when they joined the Nursery, to celebrate their graduation from Nursery and wish them luck as they are off to “Big School”. Family members are all invited to attend the ceremony, which will consist of the following events

  • All children will be dressed in a Gown and cap
  • Photo sessions (group, individual, with family)
  • Receiving F.S.E.G. Graduation Certificates
  • Refreshments

20. Illness and Medication
The Nursery strongly recommends that sick children stay in the comfort of their own home with a parent or child minder to take care of them. Parents should always inform the Nursery management if their child is feeling sickly and describe his/her symptoms

A child will not be allowed to stay at the Nursery if he/she has symptoms of the following
  • Fever of above 38°C – this may indicate an infection. A doctor should be consulted if this continues over 24 hours.
  • Middle ear infection – this is a painful infection for the child and may include rubbing or pulling of ears, fever, loss of appetite and crying
  • Cold, cough or flu – upper respiratory tract viral infections are highly contagious and can spread quickly.  Symptoms include sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, coughing, fever, irritability and loss of appetite
  • Vomiting – most babies vomit as a result of feeding and is not a problem.  However, if the vomiting is forceful, more than twice in 2 hours or contains green bile, this can be caused by a number of diseases and a doctor should be consulted.
  • Diarrhea – loose, watery stool passed frequently.  This may result in dehydration and a doctor should be consulted.
  • Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps - and other common childhood diseases (such as head lice, nits) recognized by itching and scratching of body and/or visible spots
Other symptoms requiring a doctor’s consultation include: abdominal pain, difficulty in breathing, drowsiness.

For all the above situations, the child must be free of any symptoms for 24 hours before returning to the Nursery
If a member of staff notices a child is sick, the nurse will be informed to supervise his/her care and parents/guardians will immediately be notified.

Prescribed Medication
If parents/guardians wish that the prescribed medication during our operating hours, then they must fill in and sign the Medication Form stating the name of the medicine and the dosage for each day. The nurse will be responsible for administering any medication and for storing medication throughout the day, ensuring that they are locked away and out of children’s reach. Any medicine given to children will be recorded on the form which has to be signed by the parent at the end of the day. The medication form will be kept in the child’s file. The Nursery, however, reserves the right to refuse to administer medicines.

21. Safety Precaution & Security
F.S.E.G. Nursery will do its best to meet the highest standards of safety, security and hygiene to provide a safe environment for children. Children can be very adventurous and resourceful and although it may be impossible to completely accident-proof the Nursery, all staff are continuously aware of potential hazards within the Nursery’s premises and the surrounding area and actively protect children from them.

Prohibited Items :
Items that should not be allowed on the Nursery premises at all include:
  • Matches
  • Lighters
  • Cigarettes
  • Poisonous plants
  • Bleach
  • Flammable liquids e.g. kerosene
  • Nuts

Balloons can be brought in on special occasions only and will be under staff supervision. All balloons will be removed from the Nursery premises after any party.

Furnishings, Premises and Facilities:

  • Our nursery's furniture has non-sharp edges, is low in height, and is light in weight.
  • The furniture is checked for loose knobs and broken parts that can come off and become a choking hazard.
  • Our classrooms have non-carpet flooring to maintain cleanliness and prevent allergies.
  • Carpeted play areas are cleaned daily and shampooed monthly.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in carpeted areas.  All floors are kept clutter free.
  • young babies are kept in a separate section, with cots adhering to international safety standards and experienced nannies to look after them.
  • Equipment and toys used in the nursery are made of non-toxic material and are checked from time to time for suitability
  • The Nursery has child proof gates strategically placed to contain the children and prevent them from entering hazardous areas
  • Stair railings and banisters are sturdy with a maximum of 5 inch gaps.  Stair guards are used at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  • Air conditioners and radiators are out of reach of children.
  • Windows are only open six inches if there is no guard.
  • Guards on windows are detachable incase of fire, and delegated windows on upper floors have rope ladders and chair close by for fire escape
  • Sharp objects are kept out of reach of children, including pens and pencils when not in use under supervision.

  • Our staff members are trained in First aid, health, fire and safety matters, with refresher courses given regularly.
  • The staff will try to prevent accidents and ill-health and identify potential hazards to a member of staff in the management team
  • All accidents and any incidents are reported in the Accident & Incident Report Book
  • Staff will accurately notify parents/guardians of accidents involving their child as soon as possible.
  • Our staff members are aware of hygiene rules and are aware of how infections can be transmitted

  • Toys at the Nursery are sturdy and should not break easily.
  • They made from non-toxic materials.
  • All toys are washable or should be able to be wiped clean with disinfecting solution.
  • All parts are larger than a child’s fist as anything smaller may come off and become a choking hazard
  • All ropes, strings, chains etc. on toys are no longer than six inches.

22. Equal Opportunities
F.S.E.G. Nursery recognizes, respects, values and nurtures all children’s individuality and potential. The children will be given opportunities to explore, acknowledge and value similarities and differences between themselves and others

23. Confidentiality
The Nursery will respect the confidentiality of both its staff and children
  • Parents/guardians will have access to files and records of their own children – but not any other child
  • Staff will only discuss individual children with the parents/guardians of that child
  • All Information given to nursery staff by parents/guardians will not be passed on to third parties.
24. Environment
F.S.E.G. Nursery offers a multicultural environment to make the children feel at home with everyone, it is a healthy, secure, friendly and comfortable environment to make the children happy and have fun while learning under the supervision of qualified staff.

25. Pets and Other Animals
Pets and animals are not permitted on the Nursery premises

26. Smoking
Smoking is strictly prohibited on the Nursery premises and vehicles

27. Termination of Contract
F.S.E.G Nursery has the right to terminate a child’s contract for the reasons listed below (but not subject only to these reasons)
  • Failure to pay fees or continual lateness of fees.
  • Failure to complete the required forms or any other form in its entirety
  • Failure of parental cooperation.
  • Any serious illness of the forth-mentioned child that is contagious
  • Any abuse (verbal or physical) of other students or staff or property by the child
  • Absence without notice or payment of the retainer

Phone : +965 -55 801 601
TeleFax: +965 -25 640 557
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