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Our Pre school

We provide 4 levels of educations and care where our highly qualified team, members give each child the care,love, and attention they required.

Our Class rooms  

We offer a variety of activities : games, safe toys, and basic learning that will  enable  to  them  interact  with  children  and  staff  in the daily basis.

We create a fun and educational environment where we devolp their skills, talent, language, and social interaction. In this level your child shall be introduced to basic mathematic, art, letters, shapes, music and many more.

As children turn 3 years-old they transition into one of the pre-school classrooms. In these classrooms they continue to work on self-help skills and develop their social skills. They are guided to cooperative play as opposed to side-by-side play.

Your child will be premed to school as we provided a wide range of leaning
styles anti objectices where they will be monitored and evaluated consistently Every childs involved in the daily activities and will be more exposed to the environment around, and also develop thir personality and communication skills, which follows discussion and sharing of ideas, themes, and topics.

Class Schedule

Class Group 1 2 3 4
Class Name Little Stars Happy Stars Future Stars Bright Stars
Child’s Age 1.5yr – 2yrs 2yrs – 2.7yrs 2.7yrs – 3.5yrs 3.5yrs – 4yrs
Max Per Class 15 15 15 15
Teacher 1 4 4 4
Nanny 2 2 1 1
Class hours 08:00 am – 01:00 pm 08:00 am – 01:00 pm 08:00 am – 01:00 pm 08:00 am – 01:00 pm
  • Indoor Playground
  • Outdoor Playground
  • Sand Room
  • Art/Activity Room
  • Cinema Room
  • Puppet Show
  • Birthdays Room
  • Eductional & Entertainment Trips

       Note : For more information about birthdays                  and Trips Please call : 55 806 306
Phone : +965 -55 801 601
TeleFax: +965 -25 640 557
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