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Our Mission

Is to create strong foundation through the development of self-confidence, talent, interaction with others, healthy attitude, and love of learning by providing proper tool and educational program.

Our Values

We all want a better world for our children. It is our responsibility to improve the quality of education and to take care of our children’s health and nutritional needs at the same time.
Our Aims

  • To establish strong foundation of education, creativity, motivation and positive attitude while learning.
  • To offer a safe, comfortable and joyful environment for children.
  • To develop children's personality. skills and talents.
  • To provide high standards of social communication and cultural awareness.

Our Staff

  • Our staff members are trained in First aid, health, fire and safety matters, with refresher courses given regularly.
  • The staff will try to prevent accidents and ill-health and identify potential hazards to a member of staff in the management team.
  • All accidents and any incidents are reported in the Accident & Incident Report Book.
  • Staff will accurately notify parents/guardians of accidents involving their child as soon as possible.
  • Our staff members are aware of hygiene rules and are aware of how infections can be transmitted.
Phone : +965 -55 801 601
TeleFax: +965 -25 640 557
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